Drilling equipment

Bentonites, materials for cleaning and filling up the borehole and much more.

Bentonite pellets

Bentonite pellets are made from natural, organic free, high-swelling bentonite, they are designed for use in the groundwater monitoring industry to form a chemically resilient, highly impermeable and flexible seal.


Ultra Gel is an ultra high yield, 200-mesh sodium bentonite clay with a special dry polymer additive.

Bentogel HP2

Bentogel HP2 is a bentonite for fluid assisted drilling.

Pure – Bore

Pure-Bore is a dry free flowing polymer that mixed with water produces a natural biodegradable drilling fluid, which can be used in a variety of drilling applications.

drilling fluids


FOAM DRILL is a hig performance liquid foaming agent composed of a biodegradable anionic surfactant.

drilling equipmet


BENTOCLEAN is a synthetic polyelectrolite used in oil, gas and water well drilling as breaker of filter cakes formed by bentonites, clays and natural or synthetic polymers.