Our Water well PVC Products include

Pipes and screens made with very high quality materials, non- toxic, suitable for drinking water use, sturdy, easy to screw and according to DIN 4925 on request.

Arpa conformity certificate for use with human consumption intended water
Neotron conformity certificate for drinking water use

PVC products for water wells


Our PVC pipes are manufactured with the highest quality materials which, thanks to their chemical and physical features, assurelong lasting pipes and preserve them from corrosion of very aggressive water or alterations due to stray currents.

Pancera tubi e filtri

Microslotted PVC screens

Slotted screens are obtained by making cuts all over the pvc pipe in order to exploit the screen collecting capability to maximum level.

Pancera tubi e filtri

PVC ribbed pipes and screens

PVC ribbed pipes and screens are made with non-toxic materials and comply with the hygienic requirements of Ministerial Decree n° 174 dated 06/04/2004.

net screen

Omicron screens

Omicron screens are manufactured by wrapping a stainless steel net around a slotted PVC pipe.

TNT covered screen

Nonwoven geotextile wrapped slotted screen

Slotted screens can be covered with nonwoven geotextile in order to be used in particular applications such as drainages, etc.