Pure Bore

Pure-Bore is a dry free flowing polymer that mixed with water produces a natural biodegradable drilling fluid, which can be used in a variety of drilling applications.

Pure-Bore provides exceptional bore hole stability and cuttings removal in a wide range of ground conditions.


  • Biodegradable drilling fluid
  • Effective in all ground conditions (one sack drilling fluid)
  • High viscosity for efficient hole cleaning
  • High Yield Point and Gel Strength for maximum cuttings suspension and transport
  • Provides exceptional bore hole stability in unconsolidated formations
  • Provides clay and shale inhibition
  • Minimises formation damage
  • Maximises production rates
  • Can be cleaned down through regular de-sanders


  • Fast and efficient mixing in fresh and salt water
  • Stable whilst drilling
  • Recycles
  • 3 Kilos of Pure-Bore provides the same viscosity as 60 Kilos of civil engineering
  • grade bentonite or 25 Kilos of high yield bentonite
  • Naturally biodegrades (stabiliser can be added to retard biodegradation)
  • Can be chemically destroyed with calcium hypochlorite
  • Low cost slurry disposal. Destroy or Biodegrade the Pure-Bore™ polymer to settle out
  • drilled cuttings in a settlement pit. The fluid phase can then be treated at a sewage
  • treatment works leaving semi dry cuttings

How prepare it:

Add slowly and uniformly through a high-shear venturi type hopper. Continue to agitate/circulate until Pure-Bore is fully dispersed

Mixing Ratios:

  • Consolidated Formation (Clay/Shale): 2-4 Kgs/M3
  • Unconsolidated Formation (Sand/Gravel): 3-7 Kgs/M3

Pure-Bore Degradation:

  • Calcium hypochlorite (65% active): 1-3 Kg/M3


Pure-Bore is packaged in 5Kg clear plastic bags (5 x 5Kg bags per cardboard case).