Bentonite for ultra high yield drilling fluid

Ultra Gel is an ultra high yield, 200-mesh sodium bentonite clay with a special dry polymer additive. It is a product to be used in fluid assisted drilling and it is designed to maintain borehole integrity in drilled boreholes. Ultra Gel is specially recommended in sand and gravel (formations with high permeability and porosity) when they may have issues with hole cleaning (high gel strength required) and borehole stability (good tight filter cake needed).

Recommended Use:

Ultra Gel is specially designed for conditions encountered in drilling. It can be used for all types of freshwater mud rotary drilling and as a jacking lubricant.


  • Mixes quickly.
  • Requires less material due to low fluid loss properties
  • Concentrated for high yield
  • Forms a tight, thin filter cake in unstable formations
  • Maintains borehole integrity in horizontal and vertically drilled holes.

Mixing and Application:

Mixing ratios are based on the use of fresh water: water purity will affect bentonite performance. For best results, make-up water should be pre-treated with soda ash to a pH of 8.5-9.5. Ultra Gel should be added slowly through a jet/hopper mixer.

Ultra Gel mixing ratios:

  • Normal conditions: 20/30 Kgs/m3
  • Sand and gravel: 25/35 Kgs/m3
  • Fluid loss control: 35/60 Kgs/m3

Bulk density: 56 lbs.ft.3


25Kg plastic bags, 40 bags per pallet. All pallets are plastic-wrapped.