well bottom plug

CONICAL PVC THREADED BOTTOM plugs for making easier the pipes descent.

PVC THREADED BOTTOM plugs for flush jointed pipes.

PVC MALE THREADED CAPS for the upper closure of the well.

PVC GLUING BOTTOM PLUGS. They are cheaper than threaded plugs and they have overall dimensions same as the pipes they are glued on.

PE-LD TRANSPARENT CAPS: a very low price product used to close the upper part of the well or to protect the pipes threadings.

PVC SLEEVES to join male/male threaded pipes.

PVC PULLER, especially low price puller, it is used for pipes installation.

STEEL PULLER BELL-SHAPED, suitable only for pipes with socket (threaded ends with socket or smooth ends with socket). When the ring is lifted, the puller fits under the socket.

STEEL PULLER FOR THREADED PIPES, with wheel to fasten and unfasten the connection with the pipes.

POLYETHYLENE CUP applied with pressure. Available in various diameters.

well casing reducer

FEMALE THREADED PVC reducer with male/male threaded PVC adaptor, they are used to join pipes with different
diameters when the pumping room is larger than the production well.

DIELECTRIC JOINT. It is essential to guarantee the permanent electric isolation between two different materials when the pipes column is composed with pipes of different materials (e.g. stainless steel and carbon steel), in addiction the dielectric joint protects the lower part of the pipes column from possible stray currents.

STEEL NIPPERS for pipes recovery in site investigation wells. The tightening bolt has undergone a special heat treatment and is equipped with non-slipping head.

well heads
well heads

PVC WELL CLOSURE HEADS with central hole, small plug and fairlead. The heads are assembled with two PVC flanges put together and fastened with screws and bolts, they are used to guarantee well protection against possible contaminations.

well heads

PVC SNAP-OFF WELL CLOSURE HEADS, with central hole, small plug and fairlead. Compared to normal well closure heads, they are cheaper and they are faster to put because they do not have screws and bolts, a rub gasket (o-ring) inside the head guarantees the well isolation from external environment.

STEEL CLAMP to hold up the pipes during descent phase, to avoid thread buckling the clamp must be put at least at 300 mm distance from the pipe socket.

EXPANSION PLUG LOCKABLE IN PLASTIC material with high resistance. Available in various diameters, they are resistant to corrosion and erosive action of brackish water.

PLASTIC CENTRALIZER to keep the column in a central position during the phase of descent. Is composed of three clamps with fins to make it adaptable to different diameters of the perforation. The fins, equidistant between them, can be cut to fit the required dimensions.

PLASTIC CENTRALIZER to keep the pipes in central position during descent phase. The centralizer is suitable for every diameter dimension because it is composed of single units linked together by an hinge, therefore, the number of the units depends on the pipe diameter. The plastic material of which the centralizer is made of makes it very elastic and consequently very flexible in case of ground irregularity, moreover, the little arcs are smooth in order to easily slip inside the borehole. The total overall dimensions of the centralizer is 100 mm more than the pipe diameter (50 mm every little arc).

PLASTIC CENTRALIZER to keep the column in a central position during the phase of descent. Is composed of individual units that fit easily between them: a fixing clamp and 3 small sections of pipe of various diameters based on the occurrence, equidistant between them. Is an effective and economical solution.

WELLS SAFETY LATCH, in painted steel. Available in diameters of 90, 150 and 200 mm, standard length 500 mm.

HDPE TANK for liquids transport, surrounded by a metal framework. In the upper side the tank has an inlet hole Ø 135 mm closed by a rub gasket equipped cap, while in the lower side it has an outlet hole Ø 50 mm with tap. Volumemax 1000 lt, dimensions: height 116,30 cm, base: 120 x 100 cm.

PORTABLE WATER LEVEL probe for water table measurement in water wells, piezometer wells etc… This instrument consist in a round measurement cable, available in various lengths from 50 to 500 mt, with 304 stainless steel ferrule 12 mm. The probe is also equipped with cable winding device, handle for transport and printed circuit board with buzzer, warning light and flat battery led.

PEAD CORE BOXES for survey, having 5 compartments. Available with lid shaped to facilitate the overlap, handy and resistant.

VERY FINE DRAINAGE GRAVEL, round-shaped, washed, available in different sizes (2,00/3,00 mm, 3,00/4,00 mm etc..) packaged in big bags or 25 Kg small bags.

FLEXIBLE TANK TO CONTAIN LIQUIDS, made of extrastrong polyester fabric coated with plastomer, supported by an easily assemble metal frame. Volume from 1 m3 to 60 m3 ( depends on the tank dimensions, see chart below ). When unused the tank can be refold and reduced to a minimum size.

A x B

1 m3

1,1 x 1,1


2 m3

1,35 x 1,35


4 m3

1,90 x 1,90


6 m3

2,35 x 2,35


8 m3

2,70 x 2,70


10 m3

3,00 x 3,00


12 m3

3,30 x 3,30


15 m3

3,70 x 3,70


20 m3

4,30 x 4,30


30 m3

5,40 x 5,40


40 m3

8,60 x 4,30


60 m3

12,90 x 4,30


* Maximum height of the contained liquid

PH INDICATOR STRIPS AND WATER HARDNESS INDICATOR. The PH indicator strips cover different pH ranges on the universal range from 0 to 14. The indicator is chemically connected to the cellulose support, strips do not contaminate the testing material – different from any other standard indicator.
The PH indicator strips can be indefinitely left inside the testing media – they provide for extremely accurate testing, in poorly buffered solutions as well. The water hardness depends on the presence of calcium and
magnesium. Other metals have a similar effect, but generally they are not high enough in drinkable water to lead to problems. It consists of 50 tests. User-friendly, disposable and affordable. The best method to get rapid quantitative answers on site or in lab.

The SIEVE ANALYSIS KIT is simple, accurate and affordable to define the sand content in the perforation mud. Sieving is possible through a mesh, sieving sand and the other gross particles present in the drilling fluid. The kit consists of a sieve fitted on a plastic cylinder, a plastic funnel, perfectly fitting onto the cylinder, a glass measuring pipe and a washing bottle. The glass tube measures from 0 to 20 % as for the sand percentage. The sand volume including the spaces between grains is in percentage on the drilling fluid volume. The value read on the measuring pipe is in % of the volume. It is possible to buy the kit in the special plastic case, as in the photo but the single accessories, case-less, are available.

marsh funnel

Marsh Funnel is simple tool measuring the drilling fluid viscosity. It is used with a measuring cup and a funnel. The final number depends partially on the effective viscosity and partially on the jellification rate. The measuring cup holds a few cubic centimeters and fluid ounces. It is precisely designed to be used with the Marsh funnel. The combination is used to rapidly measure the drilling fluid viscosity on site.

The Marsh funnel readings are general but they providing for changes in the fluid viscosity thus promptly en forcing any corrective actions. Viscosity is the ratio between the sample fluid viscosity crossing the outlet tube (shear speed) and the force strength (fluid weight) driving the fluid (shear strength). It is provided in number of seconds required to a liter of sample fluid to cross the Marsh full funnel.


The scale provides for a practical and simple method to accurately measure the fluid density. The perforation fluid temperature does not substantially affect the reading accuracy. It is one of the most sensitive tool available and more accurate as well as to provide for the density and the weight per volume unit (specific weight) of any drilling liquid. It consists of a base, arm fitted with bowl, cover, blade border, stand, built-in bubble level.
A highly effective plastic cover provides for the balance during transportation and provide for a safe support as for the correct operating position.

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